In A Crowded Job Market What Skills Should Stand Out 2023

In A Crowded Job Market What Skills Should Stand Out: Recent months have seen a shift in the job market toward a competitive status quo that benefits companies. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly jobs report indicates that in April 2023, employment increased across the majority of industry sectors, with professional services and health/social support alone creating nearly 64,000 jobs.

Skills You Need In This Crowded Job Market

You may understand how these trends are affecting actual customers in the market by looking at the truth hidden beneath the statistics.

The disconcerting reality for job searchers looking for white-collar positions is that demand is up and continuing to rise while the number of available positions has decreased (by 500,000 since 2022).

In A Crowded Job Market What Skills Should Stand Out

In the two years since the pandemic, many positions have been eliminated, plans have been put on hold, and projects have been abandoned. Layoffs are no longer seen as a temporary stopgap tactic, but rather as the status quo.

What does this imply for firms hoping to have an advantage over the competition when it comes to hiring talent? As a result of increased competition in the employment market, companies wanting to fill positions on their teams now have more discretion.


Why should employers start hiring now?

There are a lot of experienced, competent, motivated, and innovative applicants on the market right now, but because of how crowded it is, they are missing out on certain possibilities.

This implies that employers might grow pickier and can explore the market to discover the very best candidates for their employment.

They can take a little more time and set up a few additional criteria rather than selecting the first person who enters the room who is clearly competent. Instead of only hoping that their new hire would blend in with the team, for instance, they can assess workplace and culture fit.

Additionally, it means that employers can look into the “hidden” talents and credentials that indicate truly exceptional and uncommon aptitude. They can find applicants with unique viewpoints, pertinent beliefs, life goals, specialized knowledge bases that are important to your company’s next project, etc.

Employers will need to consider how to change their recruitment campaigns in order to start looking for these “hidden” traits because it won’t be immediately evident how to look for this next level of abilities and talents.

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